The inclination of library professionals to modern tools in the knowledge era

The Inclination of Library Professionals to Modern Tools in the Knowledge Era, consists of ten articles that reflect the innovative practices of libraries in the digital environment. The book includes ten papers dealing with various topics that can influence the work-life of the library professionals and the academic community. The subjects discussed in the book are library network, e-resources, scholarly publishing, digital libraries, knowledge management, Web 2.0, and blockchain technology etc. This book is published under Creative Common License for the free flow of knowledge.

Pages: 66
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-81-927778-4-9
Dimensions: A4
Format: PDF

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V., Vimal Kumar, and Savithry T.K., editors. The Inclination of Library Professionals to Modern Tools in the Knowledge Era. Kerala Library Association, 2020. ISBN 978-81-927778-4-9

Table of contents

A proposal for modernization and networking of academic libraries in Kerala: an unfinished draft.
K. Ravindran Asari

Tools for sharing knowledge among library professionals.
Dr Smitha C Elayadom and Dr P. Dhanya

Innovative technologies and tools for transforming libraries in the digital world.
Dr P. K. Suresh Kumar and Dr T. Ajikumari

Blockchain technology and the digital society: developments, possibilities and challenges.
Ramnath Reghunadhan

Use of e-resources by the postgraduate Biotechnology and MBA students of universities in Kerala.
Dr Joseph I Thomas and Dr Humayoon Kabir S.

Open Journal System and Open Access publishing in India.
Mahesh Palamuttath

Self-publishing for the academic community.
Dr Vimal Kumar V.

DSpace based institutional repository: a case study of Dhemaji college.
Hirak Jyoti Hazarika, Dr Labanya Hazarika, and
Dr S. Ravikumar

Managing references using the open reference management software Zotero.
Sajan C.S.

TeX for typesetting books.
Dr V. Sasi Kumar