Koha Live DVD


I have created Live DVD for the purpose of making Koha installation and learning more convenient. Many library professionals have felt difficulty to install Koha due to lack of knowledge in Linux operating system. Live DVD is a helpful tool for easy installation of Koha. Koha live DVD contains Ubuntu Linux operating system and the latest version of Koha library management system. Promotion of Koha among library professionals is the main aim of this initiative. Koha is ready to use after the installation of live DVD.

Following are the features of Koha Live DVD:

  • Koha preconfigured for ready to use
  • Zebra server enabled
  • Customized MARC fields in cataloguing
  • Automated database backup
  • Build on Lubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Sample reports
  • Easy installation
  • Detailed read me file.

Technical Details
Operating system: Lubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit)
Koha version: 19.05.x (Stable version)

From where I can download Koha Live DVD?
You can download Koha Live DVD from Google Drive or Sourceforge. There you can find installation manual and read me file. Read me file contains technical details like user names and passwords used in Live DVD.