Koha virtual appliance

What is a virtual appliance?
“A virtual appliance (VA) is a virtual machine (VM) image file consisting of a pre-configured operating system (OS) environment and a single application. The purpose of a virtual appliance is to simplify delivery and operation of an application” (Margaret Rouse)
What is Koha virtual appliance?
Koha virtual appliance is a virtual image (hard disk) which contains Debian Linux and Koha software pre-configured. The user can import the image into Oracle Virtual Box software and run Koha.
Can I burn the virtual appliance in a DVD and run like Koha Live DVD?
Virtual Appliance and Live DVD are different. Koha virtual appliance will not work like Live DVD and can’t install in the computer hard disk direct.
Minimum system requirements to run Koha virtual appliance?
Intel i3 processor (6th generation) and 4 GB RAM.
How can I run the Koha virtual appliance?
Step 1. Install the Oracle Virtual Box software (Windows / Linux) on your computer. Virtual Box software can install on both Windows and Linux. Visit the download page of Oracle Virtual Box.
Step 2. Download Koha virtual appliance (2 GB) from here.
Step 3. Import the Koha virtual appliance into Oracle Virtual Box software. File > Import Appliance
How can I know the usernames and passwords used in the Koha virtual appliance?
Readme file has included in the home folder. Open file manager and find the readme file.